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Thanks for coming to Horde Til Da End's website!! Be sure to check out the forums regularly!! We will be adding lots of cool stuff to the website to make it nice and juicy, like achievements, polls and cool photos and forums!!
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groobeer, Aug 25, 11 12:46 AM.
Hey everyone,

Well its been a while since we've put up some news and its almost time for a new patch already!! Apparantly the new patch contains three new 5 mans, the epic Deathwing fight, and new features like transmogrification and void storage!

What do you think will be the new 5 mans?? Apparantly one of them is the new caverns of time, and one of them will be a revamp of one of the old raids again like the zandalaris!

What do you think of the void storage and transmogrification?

Raid Leaders

groobeer, Jul 24, 11 2:56 AM.
Hey people,

We are very seriously looking for new raid leaders, be it for pvp, cata raids, older raids or even someone who wants to get the guild together for some dungeons or old achies like glory of the hero.

Please comment on the news piece if you're interested and know what your talking about, and please if you want to be a raid leader, then you have to be geared.

The big reason for looking for raid leaders is because I cant do it alone all week, and I'm not always available, o I need someone to back me up when I cant be online as well.


Over 600 Members!!

groobeer, Jul 13, 11 1:13 AM.
Hey people,

We reached over 600 people in the guild this week and the raids have been fuller than ever with guildies! So keep a lookout on the calender for all upcoming raids!!

Patch 4.2

groobeer, Jun 20, 11 2:05 PM.
Hey everyone,

Sure we are all excited about 4.2 coming out!! Hopefully with all the raids being nerfed with 20% and the ilvl 359 epics available for justice points, we an get some cata guild raids done!! And since we reached 500 members in the guild last week, I'm sure we will have enough people ready to go!!

Remember, keep checking the calendar!!

Ulduar Raid last night

groobeer, Jun 15, 11 1:47 AM.
Hey everyone,

Just wanna say thank you to everyone that joined us last night for the ulduar raid, and well done Lamehealer on going the most of the raid healing on your own!!

Sadly, we couldnt finish the raid or make it a guild run as most of the people who signed, once again didnt arrive for the raid. We did however, get the rest of the people needed from the trade channel anyway, and had loads of fun, got plenty achievements, and made some cash from gear drops!!

Oh yeah, and special thank you to Seflon for joining us, although he was like and hour late, he still came to the party!
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We are currently recruiting any members to our guild, mostly we are looking for good raiders and some raid leaders who are interested for our 10-man raiding team
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